7 Killer E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

1. Pick “macro” over “micro”

Micro conversions are supposed to contribute to macro conversions, but this is not always the case. If you have no substance at the end of the conversion funnel, no amount of “courtship” will convince your visitors to convert. In as much as you focus on various steps of micro conversions, your focus should be on macro conversion. Work on your product and other features that might distract potential customers from converting.

2. Do not underestimate human intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a major trend in optimization, but this should not make you stray far from human intelligence. Human intelligence contrives unique ideas that often lead major spikes in conversion. Depending on your business size and budget, you should invest in a CRO team.

3. Radical changes over “moving chairs around”

Little changes often have little impact. If your intention is to change your site’s performance dramatically, you must make a dramatic change. Focus on making big changes such as mobile optimization, website speed, and your site’s credibility then you can move on to smaller changes like changing the color of your buttons.

4. Faster websites win

Speed influences conversions. This is a fact that cannot change. Customers are happier navigating a website with fast load times. Slow websites mean a decrease in customer satisfaction, which translates to reduced conversion rate.

5. Offer advanced search

Standard search often leaves the user without the optimal result they would want. Advanced search filters out all the noise and gives the exact information to a query fast and easy.  Advanced search gives encourages the user to look for a product because of the promise of quick and precise results.

6. A/B testing consistently

A/B testing has become a preferable way to check what’s working and what’ not in conversion optimization. It allows you to test different changes to your e-commerce site before implementing them permanently. The key to A/B testing is to do it on a consistent basis.

7. Optimize call to action

The call-to-action (CTA) buttons are some the most important items on your website. Without them, customers cannot proceed to the final steps of conversion. Optimizing this button is thus very crucial in the Conversion Rate Optimization process. Optimizing CTA buttons goes beyond changing colors. You should creatively customize it to make it stand out from the background and remove distractions around it. Placement is also crucial.