7 Conversion Rate Optimization Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

If your conversion rates are dipping or stagnating despite your best efforts at CRO, you must be doing something wrong. Most E-commerce retailers don’t know they are making mistakes until it is too late. Here are 7 common ones you should consider.

1. Putting all your eggs into the optimization basket

Optimization can improve your conversion rate by a large margin, but it is not black magic. If the problem lies with your product or target audience, no level of optimization can improve your conversions. First, make sure conversions are happening before investing in a CRO campaign. Here’s some of the most popular articles that you can check:  Designing for Mobile First – Why It is Important to Design for Mobile First

2. Your tests are too short to have statistical significance

You must never cut short a test before you have confirmed that your data is statistically meaningful. The only exception should be when the test is resulting in a significant revenue loss. Results with unproven statistical significance could be influenced by unaccounted variables and could lead you to make erroneous changes.

3. Copying what worked for someone else

If an optimization strategy is working for a successful e-commerce site, it doesn’t mean it will work on yours. For example, changing the color of buttons on your site to match Amazon’s without scientific testing is ill advised. The strategy may improve your conversion rate or lower it.

4. Running multiple changes simultaneously

When optimizing your e-commerce funnel, focus on making one change at a time, test and analyze its impact then you can move on to your next idea. You will not know the results a change has on your conversion rates if you make it alongside another.

5. Ignoring the emotional appeal

A good marketing campaign should not just lay out the benefits of the products you are selling; it should reach your customers at an emotional level. This is because shopping is not a purely rational decision; emotions play a major role. When optimizing, do not make the mistake of ignoring the emotional appeal your site has on customers.

6. You do not go big enough

Expecting small optimization tweaks to have a significant impact on conversion rate is a common mistake. Massive wins usually result from massive changes. When embarking on a CRO campaign, think big. After performing major structural changes, you can then look to the small tweaks like making headline alternatives.

7. You over promise and under deliver

Promising heaven on your ads when you have very little to offer is a dangerous mistake. Customers feel cheated when they discover that the lofty promises of your ads are empty. They might just leave your site never to return.